Vitamin A – You know this as retinol

It smooths skin’s texture by speeding up the natural cell-turnover process and increasing the production of collagen and elastin (proteins that keep skin firm), explains dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. Apply it at night it’s deactivated by sunlight

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Vitamin B – Get familiar with two types

B5 (panthenol) is used in creams and gels (such as Dermaceutic) to hydrate; B3 (niacinamide, in Paula’s Choice), brightens skin tone and minimises break-outs by ‘regulating both pigment and sebum production’, says celeb facialist Renée Rouleau.

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Vitamin C – Dealing with dark spots or hyperpigmentation?

Fade them with vitamin C. The ingredient suppresses melanin activity (by both lightening pigment and preventing it from forming), and also stops existing spots from getting darker, says Rouleau.

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Vitamin D – Applied topically

This antioxidant can help protect skin from environmental aggressors (such as UV rays and pollution), and prevent wrinkles by promoting skin-cell turnover, says Zeichner.


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Vitamin E – Dry, dehydrated skin will love E’s nourishing and moisturising effects

Its emollient properties help smooth rough, scaly patches, says Rouleau.

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Vitamin F – F stands for fatty acids (such as linoleic acid)

They fill the cracks between surface skin cells to improve barrier function – essential for preventing bad stuff like dirt and bacteria from penetrating and good stuff like moisture from escaping, says Zeichner.

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