Laser hair removal is more affordable than you think.

At first glance, you may be wary about paying for the cost of laser hair removal. After all, it is a significant upfront cost. You may think that shaving, waxing or plucking are more affordable and they definitely only cost a fraction of what laser hair removal does. However, when you compare the costs longterm and then consider how much time you lose following the traditional hair removal steps, you may be surprised to see what you save with laser hair removal instead.

A full cost comparison: how much are you spending on hair removal?

The options for hair removal are endless and when you have a tight budget, you may feel as though all of them are pulling at the purse strings a tad more than necessary. Shaving and waxing are usually seen as ideal, because they are low-cost and the results are immediate. Unfortunately, the results are not permanent. Years of waxing, shaving and plucking can also leave your skin feeling irritated, red and lead to unsightly bumps on your legs, arm and neck.

Add in the fact that you are likely to have a few cuts, rashes and razor burns; and then all of the old-school methods become less desirable. This is where laser hair removal comes in. While it does cost more upfront, when you calculate the costs per year that you spend on waxing, shaving and plucking, you will find that laser hair removal pays for itself.

Even better, that upfront cost comes with significant benefits.You get rid of the hassles of waxing, shaving and plucking, and once you go through your hair removal treatments, you do not have to worry about painful waxing appointments, cringing as you pluck those eyebrows for the third time that month or worrying about cutting your ankles with the razor. All those hassles (and pain) are gone.

Laser treatments are virtually pain-free

While you may have some minor discomfort during and after, compared to traditional hair removal, laser hair removal is a lot less painful. You also will not have unsightly rashes, cuts, scars or burns to worry about.

You can target those hard to reach areas

There are places on the body that you would rather not try to shave, but with laser treatments, you can get to them with ease. You could even remove unsightly hair from your ears, upper cheeks, back, chest, legs, under arms, and more. Frustrated with an annoying centre brow that just keeps coming back? You can get rid of that too.

It is ideal for men and women

Most men are not fans of waxing, threading or shaving. The good news is that laser technology is just as ideal for men as it is for women. Men can remove unsightly hair and stop having to worry about their five o’clock shadow too.